Patrick Hummel

I am an economist who joined Microsoft in 2019 to work on Microsoft’s cloud business. During the seven years before I joined Microsoft (2012-2019), I worked at Google, first as a research scientist in Google’s Strategic Technologies division, and later as an economist in Google’s Economics Team. I had come to Google after a two-year stint in Yahoo! Research, where I was a research scientist in their Microeconomics and Social Systems group.

I studied at Caltech from 2002-2006. There I graduated first in my undergraduate class with a B.S. in applied and computational mathematics, a B.S. in economics, and an M.S. in chemistry. After graduating from Caltech, I attended Stanford Graduate School of Business on an NSF graduate research fellowship, earning a Ph.D. in economics in 2010.

I have pursued a number of other interests over the course of my life. I am a World Chess Federation Master and a former US National High School Chess Champion. While in high school, I also qualified for the US Chemistry and US Physics Olympiad Teams.
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Video of David Baltimore (former Caltech President and 1975 Nobel Laureate in Medicine) speaking about my undergraduate research.

NSTMF profile of Ralph Hirschmann (my grandfather) being awarded the National Medal of Science.

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